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Brahma sri chaganti koteswara rao garu is well known and respectable personality. He spoke some points about Sai satcharitra parayana and it leads to small controversy. Here on this blog i would like to discuss my views and facts about Sri chaganti comments on sai baba satcharitra.

Point 1 – Who said that Sai satcharitra parayana grant wishes and it is worth as PARAYANA GRANDHA

To make it more clear, Lets think about what is a GRANDHA ? GRANDHA book must satisfy set of Rules to be called as a grandha. Even a poetry like sonnet poems should satisfy set of guidelines. So you think is it a worth calling GRANDHA.
If i think about it I can say it is a Auto biography book of Shirdi saibaba.
Sai satcharitra deals with sai baba life history and things around him according to literature rules these kind of books called as Auto biographies.

Now come to the word PARAYANA – Parayana must deal with BEEJAAKSHARAS. The auto biography of saibaba (sai satcharitra) dont have any Beejaaksharas.
According to above statements we can emphasize that the book not for parayana book having equal dignity as SUNDARA KANDA, BHAGAVADGEETA etc.,

Point 2 – It is not good to ask GURU for natural, physical wishes.

It is true we should serve guru to gain positive energy and seek wisdom. This is not a point of controversy.

Point 3 – 90% of saibaba devotees who do Parayana are seeking wishes.

Whats wrong in this point. Yes i found one that is 90% he said it wrong. it is 100%. All people doing parayana are seeking money, career and other. No body even go to temple with out a wish. So his point 3 is CORRECT.

Point 4- No Guru can preaching new things that weren’t delivered by Vyasa maharshi. No body is greater than vyasa while it comes to preaching. Even shankaracharya also not an exception for this. Even if Sai baba or anyone said some thing which is not refered by Maharshi vyasa THAT IS WRONG !!!

This point is perfect. Dear readers this point should be noted, I come back to this point further.
Now i would like to discuss about some fellows so called GURUs are preaching the things with out reference and declaring that they are the reincarnation of Lord dattatreya or friends of Datta avataras. I know the so called datta SWAMI called Ganapthi satchidananda wrote Ramayana and at the end of kishkindakanda he makes fun of VANARAS (hanuman, angad etc.,) and another one  preaching that Sai baba is avatar of Hanuman and dattatreya mix. I really dont know how the hell these avataras are evolving. Well anyway this is another issue i ll discuss in another post.

Now come back to point 4 What is the problem with Sri chaganti words, He is CORRECT he said that No one cant preach things which are not mentioned by Vyasa. and if some one said that they are wrong. The point is clear and PERFECT.

Point -5 With out understanding the tatwa there is no use of reading the book.

That is 100% true. He is saying that dont read it you are not preparing for exams 🙂 Under stand the tatwa and try to fallow what sai baba want to convey to his devotees.

Point -6 He is talking about Sudhama story which is wrote non scene in the book.
The sudhama (kuchela) is one of the great devotee of Lord shri krishna and example of SAKHYA bhakthi (one of navavidha bhakthi) In the book his story was written so badly. He faced poverty becasue he cant offered food to Krishna. There is no such story existed in vyasa bhagavatam and not even in SRI MADBHAGAVATAM by Potana. AS Telugu people you know potana bhagavatam well.
So tell me where in Bhagavatam proves that Kuchela (SUDHAMA) dont offered food to krishsna in his child hood.The story in Sai baba biography (sai satcharitra) is false one. It is humiliating and insulting great devotee so reading those kind of story is definitely a big sin.

According to great sai baba devotees, HEMAD panth wrote the book but sai baba him self provoked thoughts in him. Thus sai baba himself wrote it.
If Hemad panth wrote nonsense about SUDHAMA then we may suspect him as a DUMB. or a fellow with proper knowledge and talent to write a book.
On the other hand, If sai baba provoked thoughts and let the book written by HEMAD panth then
what exactly sai baba knows ?
Why he misleading people ?
He doesn’t have any awareness of bhagavatam ?
Dont he know Sanskrit ? may be thats why he mis guided him self and readers.
Whay he insulted SAKHYA bhakti which is one of the navavidha bhakthi preached by him ?
Why he dont give a dam about Sudhama ?
and many more questions……

SO based on all above points I can confidently, say that PUJYA GURU SRI chaganti is CORRECT and TV9 make it as a issue.
Dear sai devotees – Sai baba who counted as one of the dattavataram I have some questions for you.

Also i want to raise another important question –

In the sudhama story – The writer also wrote that

“Sudhama said to krsihan while krishna asked what is the sound?” Sudhama replies that his tooth are shivering with cold and couldn’t able to chant VISHNU SAHASTRA NAMAM . At my knowledge vyasa said that BHEESHMA at Ampasayya , wounded and chanted VIshnu sahastra namam first time. So how the hell prior to kurushetra Vishnu sahastra namam known.

May be if the writer fallowed at least rules of time frame and book writing guidelines with reference it would be great.

Even a bachelor degree thesis will be rejected with out proper reference. I wonder how millions of  people never think about VEDIK, PURANIC reference while reading devotional books ???

I dont want to hurt your belief. I got the question so asked it that’s it. Any way any one can read the sai charitra book if you are happy with it go ahead.
But never say SRI CHAGANTI is WRONG or his comments hurt.
He speaks like VEDA. VEDA says truth directly with out any hesitations.


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