Duration 180Minutes
Rating 8,6 of 10 Star
Margot Robbie
Release year 2013
score 1126222 Votes

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I had to pace myself over a period of THREE DAYS to get through this horrid film. That it was even NOMINATED for several Oscars, much less pass R or NC-17 Ratings (should have been X-RATED) stinks of a rat or foul play in the Academy or those who rate movies. DiCaprio and Scorsese must have some MAJOR friends in both camps.
Disgusting. Boring. Putrid. Jading. Those are words that come to mind as I slogged through one foul-mouthed, coke-sniffing, Lude” popping, sex maniac scene after another with no clear point to the reason for its existence ever revealed, much less standing in the same camp of great of even a few years ago. Lincoln. Argo. Les Miserables. To Kill a Mocking Bird. Hugo. the list goes on about Oscar contenders and WINNERS. few that delve viewers into such rampant filth and ilk.
I, for one, remember movies that develop their characters and story lines that leave a mark on my heart and mind decades later. movies such as this one, want me to take a purification bath and cleanse for the next full year. I would suggest that DiCaprio, and frankly, Scorsese honor the greats of the past in movie making by returning to reliance on TRUE creativity by developing their characters without having to subject viewers to garbage. I, for one appreciate the power of SUGGESTION without having to sink knee deep in one sex scene, drug scene, blatant disregard for sensitivies of the majority of movie goers in exchange for trying to prove “how really bad” and filthy one can sink or perform to “get a message” from the characters across.
My wager is that Scorsese must have some special “in” with the higher ups in the industry to being allowed to subject movie goers to a continuous barrage of filth and junk talk in most of his movies, with the pleasant exception to “Hugo. He proved he could be nominated for a clean movie. why return to more garbage tactics in attempting to breath life in their characters.
My opinion of the movie is that a bunch of actors were hired to see who could act the lewdest, speak the worst possible amount of garbage in 180 LONG minutes and call it “art. 100M wasted on film for this? I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this one disappears into a vault never to see daylight in the not too distant future. One shaped like the garbage pit it was born out of.
It’s such a pity. because clearly DiCaprio is mega-talented as is Scorsese, and yet they waste their talents on garbage time after time. As in, what are they really trying to prove? How profane, disgusting, and senseless they can be? As if THAT takes talent?
Oh! And my opinion of Wall Street now? Well, if its purpose was to warn small time investors such as myself to stay clear. it worked for that. I have no desire to support drug addicts, thieves, and big spenders with my hard earned money. and that goes for Hollywood too. Thankfully, I didn’t have to spend a dime on this horrific excuse for a movie.

Wolf on Wall Street has everything a classic Hollywood movie needs to be successful these days drugs, sex, money, and comedy. Unfortunately for this movie they really don’t help the plot or character development which is its only downfall I can think of off the top of my head. The comedy is surprisingly good Jonah hill is definitely a good choice and DiCaprio absolutely nails his part as Jordan Belfort. As a DiCaprio fan this is one of my favorite DiCaprio movies if not my favorite. All together the film has a perfect mix of comedy and drama to make for an exceptional film. A classic crime movie where the fuzz win in the end.
The film does lack character development. For example all Donnie Azgoff (Jonah Hill) does in the movie is drugs and sex, we don’t get to know him or anything about him he’s just simply thrown into the story and he sticks until the films conclusion. Overall the film is one of the best films of this generation, Martin Scorsese is a genius director and this is another genius film.

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