duration=2 hours 11 minute

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Creators=Rian Johnson


casts=Ana de Armas

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Knives out movie trailer.
Sorry, not for me. Was really hoping to enjoy this. But, similar to the last highly rated whodunnit, Murder on the Orient Express, I was left feeling somewhat underwhelmed and, dare I say it, bored. Give me Lieutenant Columbo anytime over this.


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Knives Out is a not a film as much as a symphony where each instrument is tuned to the beat of the conductor. Each frame is carefully orchestrated and composed to perfection. The dialogue is metered and spoken with a contemporary Shakespearean beat.
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This was such a fun whodunnit that was pretty hilarious and well acted. Chris Evans and Ana De Armas bring such powerhouse performances in this film. The dialogue is witty and well written, there are twists and turns that I did not see coming. I think Rian Johnson is not as clever as he thinks he is, the script is solid and pretty tight, but in the end it’s nothing different from what we’ve already seen before. I suppose that’s my biggest issue, I’m not sure I’d say it’s a different take on the whodunnit genre like some others have said, because in the end it’s just the same old trick. The message and the commentary in this film was pretty obvious, ham fisted, and heavy handed. There are some other elements to the story that were stupid, but other than that it was a thoroughly enjoyable film with an amazing cast, great acting, a solid script, and pretty good directing.

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